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Hello and welcome to this website dedicated to my profession: osteopathic treatment, and my passion : horses..


In the saddle at the age of 4 years, first amateur rider then professional (Pro 2) for 5 years, ever mindful of the physical comfort of my horses, I am naturally oriented towards training in 2004 validated by a certificate equine osteopathy, which lasted 3 years with the Franco-British Institute of Osteopathy (IFBO).


For my job, I try to use my experience as a rider (CSO), my knowledge of horses and in particular younger (foaling, breeding, exploitation, more than 60 horses at stud farm of Brullemail, preparation of young horses ) and my knowledges biomechanical and medicals based on my training with the assistance of two equine veterinarians (Drs Cyril Darricau and Benoit Minaud).



The physical integrity of the sport horse is upset, as in all sports, by violent and sustained efforts in training and in competition. It is sometimes difficult to detect problems because horses have a great capacity for adaptation. But these are details of events, which made often the difference at the end.


Equine osteopathy must have a global vision of the horse in its physical and its environment. It finds its meaning in early intervention as soon the first signs of pain or mechanical dysfunction.


Joint work with the veterinarian, the farrier and the rider should optimize the physical performance of the horse.


For sport horses, we can set up a monitoring sports to prevent these disorders, and to optimize muscle protection by physical training adapted at the horse and to its activities.











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